Turf Management

Groundskeeper Landscape Group’s crew members are all insured, uniformed, and English-speaking. They are trained and supervised to complete their tasks, leaving your property with well-manicured turf, edged and cleaned curbs and sidewalks and no debris.

Depending on your contract, our Lawn Maintenance program services such as mowing, trimming, and weeding can give your commercial property the look and appeal it deserves. In addition to Lawn Maintenance, we offer:

Turf Fertilization –

We make sure that the correct amount of essential nutrients is administered to your turf grass to promote and maintain good health and color.

Turf Weed Control –

Groundskeeper Landscape Group treats broad leaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, ground ivy and knot-weed at an early stage to stop their growth and promote healthy turf.

Turf Core Aeration –

In early spring and in the fall, Groundskeeper Landscape Group recommends turf core aeration, a process that reduces the turf surface, inoculating the thatch layer. This promotes thatch decomposition and increases the efficiency of air and water filtration, which is essential to healthy turf development.

To request more information or to receive an estimate, call 937.228.8673 to speak to one of our Account Representatives. If you prefer, you can fill out our ez-form. Just make sure to include Turf Management in the subject line.

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