Landscape Management

Groundskeeper Landscape Group recognizes that when managing a commercial property or the grounds of a corporate headquarters maintaining an image that reflects a client’s reputation is vital. We know that the curb appeal of your property can increase its value and encourage greater occupancy.

That’s why at Groundskeeper Landscape Group we place customer service first. We listen to your needs and ensure your satisfaction. But beyond that, we truly take the worry out of your landscape maintenance by guaranteeing all of our contracted services… or you don’t pay.

Bed Maintenance

Bed Maintenance changes with the seasons. In the spring Groundskeeper Landscape Group will edge the beds and remove any leafs and debris that accumulated over the winter. A pre-emergent will be put down to help ensure a weed free season. Throughout the summer the beds will be routinely checked for weeds and both manual and chemical applications will be used to keep your beds weed free. In the fall the beds will have any leafs and debris removed before winter sets in.  

Floral Design

Introduce seasonal color to your landscape beds. Adding flowers to your landscape is an easy and affordable way to enhance your landscape throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Most landscapes have a great deal of varying shades of green with the trees and shrubs, but often lack the color that makes their property pop. Color adds pop and set your landscape off from other commercial properties. 


Remove and hard trim back plants that have out grown their space. Unfortunately, some plants don't last in the landscape forever, especially plants and shrubs around the foundation of the building. If the plants have grown above the window sills and or are encroaching on the roof and gutter line, they should be lowered. Many plants, bushes, and shrubs can come down significantly. Proper trimming enhances the beauty of most landscape trees and shrubs. Trimming back and shaping your landscape plants is an important part of overall plant health and keeping your commercial property looking good. 


Mulch your property annually. Mulching will not only improve the look of your property by creating a crisp clean look, adding contrast to the rest of the property, but mulching will also help protect and preserve your plants by retaining water and vital nutrients. It also serves as a weed barrier. One of the most important aspects of a professional mulch job is bed edging. Edge your beds every year. A clean defined bed edge will set your beds off and define the landscape within the property. Edging will also help hold the mulch in the beds during heavy rains and storms. 

So if you are looking for a reliable, trusted lawn care and landscaping firm, choose Groundskeeper Landscape Group. We offer one contract, one contact and a single source of accountability for all your landscape maintenance needs. To request a quote or to receive more information, call 937.228.8673 or fill out our ez-form. Please include Landscape Maintenance in the subject line.

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