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The Importance of Sharp Mower Blades

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At Groundskeeper Landscape Group we sharpen our blades daily

At Groundskeeper Landscape Group we sharpen our blades daily to ensure your property is getting the best cut possible. A sharp mower blade is important for many reasons. A sharp blade will cut the grass clean. This allows the grass to heal quickly and gives your lawn a tidy clean look. A dull blade tears and rips at the grass. This causes the grass to have a frayed look and causes the grass to have a white – yellow looking appearance. The damaged grass blades are now open to disease and insect damage.

As a homeowner you should sharpen your blades two to three times a year. Keep in mind that buying a new blade doesn’t mean you are getting a sharp blade. Most manufactures sell blades dull for safety reasons so you still need to get them sharpened before use.

As we move into the heat of the summer remember to cut your lawn high, 3.5” to 4”. This will allow the root system to get deeper into the soil making more water available to the plant. Also keep in mind you should only cut no more than 1/3 of the grass when cutting it. It is more beneficial to mulch your clippings back onto the lawn. This will help provide protection of the root system and hold moisture. It is also better for the environment because it puts valuable nutrients back into the soil and saves on landfill space.

At Groundskeeper Landscape Group you can rest assured that your commercial property is being maintained in the proper fashion. Our crews are trained in the proper mowing procedures and techniques to keep your lawn at its healthiest. You can use these tips to maintain your home and keep your lawn in the best shape possible.