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"The Contract"

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It’s happened so many times I've lost count. Perspective clients unhappy with their current landscape contractor, but afraid of “The Contract”.

I’m talking with a perspective client that is very unhappy with their current landscape contractor. As we tour their facility they point out concerns they have. I explain to them the steps we will take to fix their issues. I prepare a detailed grounds maintenance proposal for them. As we go over the proposal I let them know that we would be able to start maintaining their property the following week. They tell me they are “under contract” for almost 7 more months. I explain to them that if they are not receiving the service they are paying for then they are under no obligation to honor this so called “contract”.

Some will make the call to end the bad service they are receiving, some will not. The follow up I hear from some of them that do make the call are even worse. The current landscape contractor becomes verbally abusive and sometimes threatens to sue. In all my years in this business I have never heard of a case of a contractor being successful in suing a client that wanted out of their contract for bad service.

At Groundskeeper Landscape Group we do have signed agreements. This is simply so everyone knows what to expect and how much they will pay for the services we provide. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our work we will strive to rectify the problem. Our goal is your satisfaction. We will never threaten you if you are unsatisfied.

A landscape contractor works for you. If for some reason they aren’t living up to your expectations you always have the ability to go elsewhere. At Groundskeeper Landscape Group customer satisfaction is more than a statement, it’s a goal.

Give me, Myron Wheeler, a call today at 937-228-8673 and let me give you one less thing to worry about.