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Thanksgiving and Family

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The debate over being open over the holidays.

Thanksgiving and Family

This time of year there is always the debate over stores opening over the holidays. It’s really is a tough area for me personally. I don’t go out for the sales and would like it if everyone was able to spend time with their families. I also realize that some people are struggling to make ends meet and welcome the time to work and in some cases work for a higher wage than they would normally make.

At Groundskeeper Landscape Group we want our employees to have the time off with their families. We also realize that depending on the weather we may have no choice but to work. Our dedicated employees are available to keep your commercial property clean in the event of a snow or ice event even over the holidays.

The current forecast looks like our employees won’t have anything to worry about over the holiday except sharing time with family.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving from Groundskeeper Landscape Group. Follow us on twitter @GroundskeeperUS to stay up to date with the latest local weather alerts.