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Sustainability and Valentine's Day - Do Something She Will Remember

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Wow your significant other this year

Doesn't matter if you love or hate the holiday it’s tomorrow. If you are looking to do something out of the ordinary I would suggest a sustainable and sweet gesture. My suggestion to you is a potted plant. It will likely be lower in cost and it won’t be gone a few days later. Your significant other will be happy, the environment will be happy and you will be the talk of her friends with your original, out of the ordinary gift.



Here is a list of five potted flowers for Valentine’s Day:

Potted Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas have a graceful appearance and a beautiful scent making them a great choice. They are full colorful and a simple flower. They come in pink, white and blue. The blue color is achieved by putting additives in the soil that makes the pink become blue and they will eventually return to their pink color.

Gerbera Daisy:

My wife’s personal favorite, The Daisy. Like her they are fun and beautiful. These daisies are becoming more used and loved. You will find them working their way into a lot of interior designs in an arrangement or as a single flower in a vase. Much of that is due to the fact that they come in such a wide variety of beautiful and vibrant colors. Easy to care for, beautiful flowers and full green foliage.

Bonsai Tree:

A strange choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, but a bonsai tree can be a lot of fun. It is the perfect gift for someone who isn’t necessarily good with plants. Hardy and beautiful, these miniature trees can be shaped, trimmed and interacted with. They also add interest to any room without all that much work. They come in a variety of sizes and colors so there is something for everyone.


Orchids are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of types, colors and sizes. These flowers are slightly harder to care for than other plants on this list, but their beauty and gorgeous fragrance makes them worth the extra care. If your loved one doesn’t have a green thumb you will want to steer clear of the Orchids and pick something else on this list.

No list would be complete on
Valentine’s Day without the Rose.
Mini Roses:

If you have to stick with the traditional Rose for Valentine’s Day go with potted Mini Roses. These potted little pots of micro-roses offer the best of both worlds. You can go with the traditional red or pick from a variety of colors. You can mix it up with several different colors mixed in to create a colored potted bouquet.

Whatever you choose she will be delighted with the thought that you put into this gift and she will be reminded for months to come.