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Sustainability isn't something Groundskeeper Landscape Group just says it does, it practices it.

Sustainability isn't something Groundskeeper Landscape Group just says it does, it practices it. With the coming winter season proper snow and ice removal is critical for both the safety of individuals and for the environment. In this post I will be focusing on the impact on the environment.

At Groundskeeper Landscape Group we actively monitor the weather and only go out in the event we are needed. Some companies become so large that they have no choice but to go out even if there is very little chance there will be an issue. This is bad for not only the customer’s bottom line, it’s bad for the property and bad on the environment. The cost to the customer is obvious, they are paying for a service that they did not require. The damage to concrete and asphalt is that over salting will cause these surfaces to wear out sooner and require costly repairs. The salt is also pushed into lawns and flower beds and can kill valuable plant life. It also causes excess salt in our water tables.

Groundskeeper Landscape Group calibrates its salt spreader to maintain the proper salt distribution insuring we don’t have damaging runoff into lawn and plant areas. We also only send our crews out if conditions warrant it. This is good for our customers, their properties and the environment.

The attached pictures are from properties in the Dayton area from December 1st into December 2nd. There was some minor precipitation that night, but nothing that would require de-icing materials. I was prompted to write this blog when one of our guys came into today, December 5th, 2014 and told me that a large landscaping company was out salting again. There was no ice or snow this evening and although they was a warning for possible slick spots, we tracked the precipitation and made sure there was never a threat to our customer’s properties.

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