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IRS scam to be on the look out for.

Scam Alert!

I like to think that Groundskeeper Landscape Group, its owner and its employees are part of the community. I try to keep my blog posts geared to tips and insights into the green industry, but at times I like to just put information out there that is informative, fun and in this case I hope helpful and saves someone heartache.

I received a message on my cell phone last night from a number that came up “Private”. The recording stated, “This is a call from an automated service. It is important that you respond to this message by calling *-***-***-**** by close of business today. Again, this is a call from an automated service. It is important that you respond by calling *-***-***-**** by close of business today. Our office hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday. When returning this call please give the following reference #**********.”

A few things made me immediately leery of the message.

  1. They didn’t identify themselves
  2. They said to contact them by the end of business today but no time zone
  3. They then said to contact them Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm
  4. Again no time zone given

With a little research I find out this is a possible IRS scam so I call the IRS. After 90 minutes on hold I finally get a person. The person who answers the phone gives me an ID# and their name. I explain the situation and give them the phone number. They tell me that number is not related to the IRS.

I then call the scamming number by using *67 so my number doesn’t show. The recording tells me they are with the IRS and to please hold. I am on hold for less than 60 seconds. The person comes on the line and gives me an ID# and name. The ID# is very similar to the one the IRS gave me. I ask the person if I were to call back and give them an ID# if they could tell me the name of the person it belongs too. They tell me yes and I give them the number from the real IRS. Of course they are unable to give me a name. The person then gets in an awful hurry to get off the line.

I hope this information keeps people from getting scammed. Never give out personal information to someone calling you or e-mailing you. Find a number for the organization they claim to represent and call or e-mail that organization directly. I have not included the phone number because I am worried about possible problems with a scammer’s number on our web site. If you have received a similar call and want to know the number please e-mail me at