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Health Benefits of Houseplants

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The benefits of live plants in the house:

Good year round, house plants offer many benefits, even more so during the dreary winter months. Studies have shown that house plants can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing.  They can make you calmer and more optimistic during the long cold winter days. They also have many health benefits and can help clean the air inside your house.

House plants help improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen as part of photosynthesis. They filter out gases and other household pollutants. It was shown in a 1989 NASA Clean Air Study that about 15 to 18 houseplants would improve the air quality in an average 1,800 square foot home. The plants would need to be in 4 – 6 inch pots and you could use fewer if you had larger plants. All plants are useful for removing pollutants from the air, but the NASA study showed that Chrysanthemums are the best.

Here is a list of common ailments that indoor plants can help with:

Insomnia: Because plants give off oxygen they can help you sleep at night. Gerbera daisies release oxygen at night so they are a good choice for your bedroom.

Dry Skin: Plants are natural humidifiers and raise the moisture levels in your home.

Chest Congestion: Eucalyptus plants can help clear phlegm and congestion. It open bronchial passages, and clears mucus if you have the flu, a cold or bronchitis. The plants oils can be used as an antiseptic. The oil is toxic to pets so keep out of reach of your pets.

Headache: Since house plants create oxygen and lower carbon dioxide in the air you’re less likely to be breathing musty, stale air that contributes  to headaches.

Allergies: Having house plants around young children helps build their immunity systems to plant related allergies. The plants act like a custom allergy shot.

Feeling tired and worn down: Carbon dioxide contribute to the feeling of tiredness. Because the plants naturally remove carbon dioxide from the air you feel more energized.

Keep you from getting a cold: House plants help filter the air removing dust. They also raise humidity and oxygen levels in the air. This reduces your chance of getting cold related illnesses by over 30%!!!

So make this winter more bearable and go get yourself some indoor plants. Here is a list of some of the better house plants you can have:

Eucalyptus (not good if you have small children or animals)
                Weeping Fig
                Peace lily
                Ferns and Palms
                Gerbera Daisies