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Five Car Tips & Tricks for the Winter

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Use these tips to help you get through the winter.

Don't drive like the guy in the picture, here are some tips to help you see this winter.

Five Car Tips & Tricks for the Winter:

1. Keep your wiper blades from freezing to your windshield by soaking a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe each blade. This will keep them from freezing on the coldest day of the year.

2. Take an onion, cut it in two and rub it on your windshield to help keep frost from forming. Cover the windshield with rubber bath mats for an easy way to keep them snow free.

3. Cracking the windows in your car will help keep the windows fog free. You can also use a chalkboard eraser to quickly clear your windows.

4. Car door lock frozen? Heat the key with a lighter and slowly insert it into the lock. You can blow on the lock with a straw. Your breath will melt the ice in no time.

5. Cover your side mirrors with plastic bags and pin them with a clothes pin. Ice free mirrors when you pull them off!