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Commercial Landscaping Design Challenges

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A well landscaped property gives the area a beautiful look that appears natural and effortless. However, like any elegant design, a great landscape requires expert planning and maintenance. There are many obstacles that can get in the way of a great landscape design, but an experienced commercial landscaping guru knows how to identify and conquer these landscaping challenges. Steep slopes, small lots, unpredictable weather and other outdoor obstacles are no match for a clever commercial landscape designer.

Hillside Landscaping Design

Steeply sloped yards and hillside lots can be a unique landscaping challenge, but a wide variety of charming techniques can transform an untamed slope into a decorative asset. A thorough knowledge of soil composition, plant placement and a multitude of other factors helps landscape architects create a safe and spectacular design even on tricky sloping terrain.

Property Size and Shape Landscape Challenges

Lots with an unusual size or shape can present their own problems to be solved through creative landscaping. A brilliant commercial landscaper knows how to choose plants that will thrive in the given space and natural environmental conditions of your lot, as well as how to create eye catching and unique designs that stand out no matter what size your lot is.

Natural Landscape Lighting - Sun and Shade

Light and shade are a crucial part of any landscape, and it's important to select plants that will do well in the amount of sunlight available. A great commercial landscape design works with the shade from existing buildings and land features to make the most of the sun.

Your Commercial Landscapers - We know Dayton

Every region of the country, every state and every city has it's own unique challenges. Dayton Ohio is no exception. Rainfall, weather extremes, humidity, snowfall all present challenges to creating a robust, beautiful commercial landscape here in the Miami Valley. No matter what obstacles your business presents, they can be overcome with knowledgeable landscaping design. Consulting a professional landscaper can help give your commercial property a fresh inviting look and lasting curbside appeal. 

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