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Landscaping in the Mid-West presents a unique set of challenges. In Dayton, Ohio, for example, landscapers must give great consideration to the seasonal changes: From hot, humid summers, to the frosts and snowfalls of the winter seasons. In early- to mid-spring, heavy rainfalls bring the threat of flooding. Mulch is a necessity in Dayton's climate.

Commercial landscaping companies know that effective landscaping practices must include thick applications of mulch in early spring, thus preparing the landscape for the onslaught of rain and heat that occurs between the months of April and October.

Mulching provides a number of benefits to commercial and residential landscapes alike:

- Mulch helps to preserve the moisture that collects in the soil as a result of winter snowfall and spring rains.

- Mulch helps to keep the soil cooler during the very hot, dry days of summer, and prevents the roots of trees and shrubs from drying out.

- Mulch, when applied liberally, suppresses weeds. This keeps landscapes neater and lessens the need for constant weeding -- or frequent application of chemical weed treatments. A minimum of two inches of mulch is advised, but a thicker amount might be better in areas where weeds are more abundant. The landscape professionals of any good commercial landscaping company have the knowledge and experience to judge how much mulch is required for each situation.

- Mulch helps to prevent soil erosion.

- Mulch helps to deter wildlife from digging / rooting about in the landscape.

- Mulch is available in a variety of colors that include brown, black, red, and gold. As such, the right color can be selected to complement the color of the buildings, or to contrast with edging bricks and other brickwork.

- Mulch adds the right finishing touch to the landscape. Mulch makes for a tidier, more professional appearance.

Mulch is practical as well as beneficial but perhaps the best benefit of mulching is the intangible. Mulch adds curb appeal that challenges even plants and flowers. You can probably remember how your home or office looked the first day you mulched around the trees and beds. When a property is freshly mulched, it gets noticed!

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