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Your property is essentially the face of your firm. To draw potential visitors, your landscape should smile. Ideally, you want the grounds to say "Welcome!" We can create an invitational design to give your business a radiant smile. A Landscape Speaks Volumes!

Grounds portray a company's overall values. Our outstanding designs give a great first impression. We do this by using landscape elements that complement your property's grade, soil, and sun exposure. Our staff is well-versed in vegetation that withstands Ohio's climatic extremes. Our goals are to:

  • reflect your company's values
  • invite visitors
  • ensure easy maintenance

Your Landscaping Reflects Your Company's Values

Our staff incorporates a firm's personality into the landscape design. We can convey an image that's traditional, modern, formal, or fun, based on plant choice and placement. 

Inviting Visitors  - Subtle Messages From Your Landscaping

Welcome - Landscape elements can serve as signage. They can guide visitors to "walk this way." In the process, your grounds are protected from wayward pedestrian traffic.

Come Inside - An attractive entryway, framed in beckoning plants, leads visitors into your building.

You're Safe Here - A landscape barrier can protect pedestrians from potentially unsafe areas. This can be achieved with sloping, stonework, and hedges.

We Care About You - Clean paths and driveways show concern for visitors. Our winter services include plowing, snow removal, shoveling, and salting.

Ensuring Easy Maintenance

Low-maintenance landscapes result in lower cost. Our designs are budget-friendly, saving money on fertilizer, gas, and water. Your landscape "welcome mat" will beautifully display the changing of the seasons. From spring's sweet blush through summer's charm, autumn's glory, and winter's calm, your grounds will always look attractive. Our maintenance services include:

Lawn Care - Members of our turf management crew are English-speaking, well-trained, and insured. Your property will maintain a polished look with clean walkways, trimmed turf, and edged curbs. We perform turf aeration, fertilization, mowing, and weeding.

Floral Design - Flowers add a delightful dimension to a landscape! We create a lovely color palette to enhance your property.

Bed Maintenance - Beds are kept free of weeds, leaves, and debris.

Mulching - Ground-cover materials promote the health of plants by retaining water and nutrients. They also prevent the growth of weeds and give property pizzazz.

Trimming - We trim, shape, and remove plants as needed. This promotes plant health, visitor safety, and a neat landscape appearance.

Promoting Your Business

Groundskeeper Landscape Group will showcase your business beautifully. Call us for a consultation at 937-228-8673. We'll create a landscape design to meet your budget and goals. Give your grounds a gorgeous smile with Groundskeeper Landscape Group. 


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