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Understanding the nuances of planting is essential to commercial landscaping design. Professional landscapers are artistic designers of visual beauty. For businesses, the best commercial landscaper turns bland commercial properties into works of art. Landscaping isn't just a matter of planting shrubs, flowers and trees or providing lush lawns the year round. Landscapers use commercial properties in the same way artists use palettes to draw spectacular scenes while balancing beauty with practical.

The difference between landscapers and artists is that landscapers must have a highly developed knowledge of shapes, sizes, depths and design for "real time" landscaping projects, as well as soil, climate and planting zones. Landscapers provide planting options that retain the scenic beauty of commercial properties and enhance curb appeal throughout four seasons with minimal maintenance.and cost.

Planting Options for Commercial Properties in the Dayton, Ohio Region

Dayton, Ohio is replete with commercial properties and every one presents a different challenge. The weather in Dayton has a typical northeastern growing season which begins in April and continues through October. Winter temperatures and snow events can be extreme, while summers may be hazy, hot and humid for weeks. Often, there is a fluctuation in summer between rain and drought. This is a major reason to choose a commercial landscaper with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the climate of this region.

Landscape Maintenance and Planting

Landscape maintence drives a lot of the decisions associated with what plants to use in a commercial surrounding. Planting options lie with hardy shrubs, trees and flowers that withstand extremes in climate. Evergreens are quite popular for commercial properties due to their depth of color and symmetry in size and shape. Hardwood trees like oak, elm and maple do well in this region of Ohio. In terms of flower beds, perennials like azaleas, boxwood, burning bush and flowering shrubs like lilac and spiraea survive weather extremes. The idea is to maximize the beauty of the property without having to spend hours maintaining it.

Engage a professional landscaping service to manage commercial planting, mowing, mulching and's what we do!

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