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Two words that speak volumes - curb appeal. It's the attractiveness of your property as viewed from the street. Why is curb appeal so important? It's the yardstick by which a business is measured. It's your client's first impression. Studies show that 70 percent of initial contact is based on curb appeal. Financial success hinges on drawing clientele. Therefore, enhancing curb appeal is a wise investment. Professional landscaping services can polish your company's image and increase your revenues.

Keys To Landscaping Great Curb Appeal

Wave down prospective visitors using these key strategies:

1. Look ship-shape.
2. Use color to catch the eye.
3. Punctuate your property.
4. Create focal points.

Look shipshape.

Commercial property that's neat, clean, and well-maintained creates a professional image. Our turf management program will give your lawn a carpet-like appearance. We use the following techniques:

Core Aeration - This is the mechanical process of averting soil compaction. Aerating machines remove soil plugs and promote bright turf.

Fertilization – Fertilizing enhances lawn color, density, and growth. Nourished turf can better cope with climatic stress. Our fertilization methods yield a Kelly green lawn.

Weed Control – Weeds are a definite deterrent to curb appeal. We use several strategies to keep weeds in check.

Mowing - We maintain a groomed appearance of your lawn. A trim lawn makes a statement of excellence. Our mowing services include edging and curb cleaning to keep your property free of debris.

Use color to catch the eye.

Bold, delightful hues invite visitors. Orange, purple, pink, and red make a property pop. Unique plant varieties showcase colorful leaves and bark. Spectacular color can be achieved with:

Floral Design - Staff have in-depth knowledge of what flowers will flourish on a given property throughout the year.

Bed Maintenance Service - We offer three-season bed maintenance during spring, summer, and fall.

Punctuate Your Property.

Punctuation in a sentence makes ideas stand out. Punctuation in a landscape captures attention. The following landscape punctuation has a wow-worthy effect:

Exclamation Points - Prize trees and shrubs elicit awe. So does a sleek fence, offset by stunning shrubs and plants. Topiary shapes amaze the eye. Signs framed in flowers create smiles.

Accent Marks - Accents in a landscape can be made using mulch. It can border a building in a contrasting hue. In cinnamon or burnt orange, it conveys warmth. Mulch around the base of a plant makes it speak up. It turns up the volume on color. Different mulch textures add to the conversation, such as pine straw, nut hulls, and shredded bark.

We punctuate property with:

Plantings - Exemplary plants are used that are hardy enough for hard winters and dry summers.

Trimming - Plants are regularly pruned and shaped to maintain their health and beauty. Those that have outgrown their borders are replaced in a timely manner. Shrubs can also be shaped to spell out a company logo.

Mulching - We source, apply, and edge mulch. Materials are fresh, high-quality, and weed-free. Professional mulch application ensures a neat appearance.

Create Focal Points

A focal point is a prime means to creating curb appeal. It attracts attention to a specific area of your property. It can take the form of a:

natural feature
visual resting place

Examples of natural focal points include:

  • A prominant tree encircled by flowers
  • A boulder embraced by pretty blooms
  • shaped, enchanting shrubs

A place for the eyes to rest can be achieved with a:

  • fountain
  • gazebo
  • pond
  • sculpture
  • sitting bench
  • trellis

Lead visitors to a destination by framing it as a focal point. Examples are:

  • an archway of stone, wood, wrought iron, or brick
  • flower-filled urns at an entrance
  • unique signage offset by mulch

Step Up Your Curb Appeal

We're here to support your firm and make your property distinctive. Call us at 937-228-8673 to begin your business promotion. Let Groundskeeper polish your property and step up its curb appeal.

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