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It may appear that landscapers are all over the Dayton area. We'd like to point out that having a truck and a mower does not a landscaper make! Beyond the Pale: Complex Landscaping and Professional Services

While many people may believe that landscaping services are restricted to simple lawn maintenance tasks, a great deal of thought goes into the duties of a commercial landscaper. They consider curb appeal, and understand that the types of plants and flowers represented in a bedding design say something to every casual passerby about the property upon which they’re planted. Landscaping firms also employ skilled experts who take into consideration the particular environment in which they’re working—the growing conditions, climate, and typical weather patters all play a role in which species are selected for bedding designs. 

Dayton Weather and Landscaping

Generally speaking, a continental climate, such as may be experienced by Dayton, Ohio and other areas nearby, is characterized by hot summers, growing seasons that run from April to October, and harsh winters. Selecting plants that will be happy under these conditions and require few replacements and little intensive care is important. This even extends to the types of grass and sod that are used in commercial landscaping, since patchy, dying grass is not an option. Hardy annuals, sturdy perennial shrubs and edging plants, and sod resistant both to hot droughts and heavy rains are what many landscapers seek to build their designs. 
We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of commercial properties in this challenging climate. Our company creates beautiful, sustainable bedding designs, lawn spaces that remain prosperous even during the hot summers of Ohio, and can stand up to the rains and the winds as well a variety of necessary maintenance tasks. Edging, mowing, mulching, and caring for the plants we painstakingly select is a part of our mission. We know the importance of healthy, beautiful landscaping, and are prepared to provide all the necessary components to ensure your landscape remains as fresh as the day it was planted.

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