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Choosing a Commercial Landscaping Company

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A good commercial landscaping company provides more than grass-cutting services. When choosing a company to oversee the needs of your commercial landscape, it is important to select one that provides a full menu of services. This is particularly important if you conduct business in the Mid-West, because the extreme seasonal conditions require different landscaping needs throughout the year. The best commercial landscaping companies should offer:

Landscape Design Service

The professional landscaper should know how to design the landscape for optimum results, making the best use of environmental conditions. They must take into account the pitch of the land, the amount of sunlight a particular site receives, the need for retaining walls or swales to prevent flooding, the best types of trees to plant and the layout for flower beds and borders.

Weekly Mowing and Trimming Services

Your commercial landscapers should carry out regular grass cutting. They should know how to cut the grass to the correct height, and to adjust this as the season progresses. They should trim grass edges and blow away all grass clippings from drives, walkways and sidewalks. Nothing looks more careless than grass in the street or on the sidewalk after the property is mowed. Bad services reflect poorly on your business.

Mulching Services

A top-notch commercial landscaper should be able to advise on the best time to lay down an application of mulch, and should be able to outline the benefits of regular mulch application. They should know the properties of the different types of mulch, such as cedar, and the difference between mulch and wood chips.

Fertilizing and Weed Control Services

Environmental conditions put a heavy stress on Mid-West lawns between April and October, and different treatments for fertilization and weed control are needed throughout those months.

Commercial Planting Services

Top-Notch commercial landscaping companies undertake tree and shrub planting, and they culture good relationships with local nurseries to provide the best plants to their customers.

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