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Ohio winters can be brutal, but life can’t always come to a grinding halt simply because of a storm. Groundskeeper Landscape Group offers a wide variety of winter services for businesses, churches and other organizations. Fast snow removal of your parking lot, sidewalks and walkways is key to keeping your business open and your employees and clients safe.

Professional Snow Plow Services You Can Trust

We're not just some guy and a pickup!!! We mean business!

There are plenty of private plow services available, but some don't have the best reputation. At Groundskeeper Landscape Group, our expert plow drivers have plenty of expertise when it comes to creating safe environments during harsh weather. We place the utmost importance on safety, which is why we offer 24-hour dispatch service, even on weekends and holidays.

We offer three levels of professional snow plow services - whatever works best for your business:

1. Basic Snow Removal Services

Our basic service includes salting and removal of less than two inches of snow on a limited schedule. It’s best for businesses or organizations that only operate on certain days of the week, such as churches.

2. Standard Snow Removal Services

This service is like our basic service but with shoveling and ice melt for walkways. This is good for small businesses who need access to their offices and have a relatively low amount of foot traffic or day to day client activity.

3. Zero Tolerance Snow Removal Services

This is our complete snow and ice removal service, which includes all aspects of plowing, shoveling, salting and de-icing. This is important for doctors offices, commercial buildings with a lot of employees, store fronts and highly frequented businesses or storefronts.

Snow Removal Contracts

Having a contract allow us to keep an eye on your property and be better prepared in the event of unexpected weather. Ensuring that you’re covered during a bad snowstorm will reduce the risk of an injury occurring on your property. A contract will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property will remain clear and safe. We’ll determine what needs to be done and only contact you when absolutely needed.

Spreading Salt

Salting the lots, sidewalks and walkways is an important part of removing snow. It prevents skidding and slipping, and it can even aid in stopping snow from sticking and building up. Not all plow services offer salting, but it’s included in the services we offer here at Groundskeeper Landscape Group.

If you have questions for us, or you’d like more information about snow removal services in the Dayton, Ohio area, please contact Groundskeeper Landscape Group today. We will work hard and brave the cold to ensure you, your employees and your visitors stay safe this winter.

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