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When a wintry mix hits your property, the bad weather can mean lost customers, late employees and irate residents. It can even result in slip-and-fall accidents, property damage and costly lawsuits. When you need to deal with snow and ice, look for these traits in an Ohio commercial snow removal service.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company

Experienced Professionals

While friendly neighbors and local start-ups mean well, they often lack critical skills and experience. Seasoned, well-trained technicians can handle even the most difficult situations. They understand that three inches of snow at midnight calls for a different removal plan than the same amount during the morning rush hour. They also know how to remove snow so that it does not block sidewalks, restrict traffic or encroach upon other businesses.

Reliable Service

Staffing is a big problem for single-driver firms because they cannot cover heavy workloads. The best snow removal services ensure coverage even if a scheduled employee falls sick. Dependable drivers are willing to put in extended hours, including early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays.

Customized Equipment

Hiring a snowplow is easy, but getting the right results is hard. Some local Dayton landscapers would rather drive around in a warm plow than clean off sidewalks in sub-zero temperatures. The most respected operations use commercial-grade plows, all-terrain vehicles, snow blowers and dedicated employees to keep all areas of the property safe and appealing.

Flexible Contracts

Too many companies promise outstanding service only when it fits their needs. Customer-oriented snow removal companies like Groundskeeper Landscape Group offer flexible arrangements. Business owners and property management companies can hire for a single occasion or for an entire snow season. Customized care includes sidewalk management, salt spreading, de-icing services, after-hours help and emergency snow removal. Call us to determine the right solutions to meet your winter snow removal requirements.

Reducing Risk

Even though proper risk management can cost more up front; in the long run, it can save you money. Parking lot accidents, fall and slip injuries and associated snow and ice risks are not something around which you should hedge your bets. Legitimate businesses spend the money to limit liability threats. The top commercial landscaping companies in Dayton carry insurance to cover accidents and unexpected situations. They are financially stable and run little risk of going out of business and intend to keep you in business as well. They also work with numerous customers who praise their efforts and work ethic.
By hiring a professional snow removal company, you avoid fly-by-night firms and get the landscaping service you deserve. Contact Groundskeeper Landscape Group for 24-hour dispatch service to your shopping plaza, industrial complex or office park in southwestern and central Ohio. We take care of business.

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